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This application is designed to give you the UV Index predicted for the location you choose or for your current location.

Planning to go to the beach, swim, work, or just go outside? Quickly check the UV Index before going outside to determine the amount of protection (clothing and/or sunscreen) to wear before leaving.

The UV Index is an international standard measurement of how strong the ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is at a particular place on a particular day.

Fast, easy, and accurate iSunBurn gives you the UV Index for your location or any location in the US you specify. While in the current location mode, iSunBurn will quickly identifies your position and allows you to view the UV Index for that location.

After the forecast has been determined, a UV level, exposure category, and exposure description is given.

While you should always take precautions against overexposure to the sun, please take special care to adopt the safeguards given when the UV Index predicts levels of moderate or above

UV forecast provided by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Forecast are available only for the United States at this time.
Forecast requires internet access.
iPod Touch users without gps will need to enter their forecast location on the settings panel.

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Optimized for iOS5